Celebrate The Small Things

Celebrating a little early this week.  With the July 4 holiday, just thought I’d get an early start.

We celebrate and share what happens during the week. Click on the icon and join us at the Lexa Cain (the moderator) site. Some pretty terrific people celebrate altogether.

Celebrate The Small ThingsThis week, I’m celebrating production creds that are finally coming thru on the IMDb page. 

Back in the green zone big time, trying to keep it there.

I’m celebrating a friend you might know, Eva Solar, in her first efforts at a video of her medical journey from a stroke.  I’m so proud that she asked me to help.

Finally, I’m celebrating a season of summer, sun, and mesmerizing ocean waves. My soul is at peace.

Happy holiday to all who take part. Have a great weekend.


    • Cathy, that IMDb thing is a royal pain. I think it has changed from an
      indicator of talent into a popularity contest. The more frequently people
      view your page, the better your score. Lower is better. And if that’s not
      bad enough, it changes weekly every Monday morning. Oh the anguish it
      causes! LOL

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