Celebrate The Small Things

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This is the weekly Celebrate The Small Things blog hop which is really fun.   

We write about what’s worth celebrating in our lives. Click on the celebrate icon and join us at the Lexa Cain site. Lexa moderates the hop. This is an easy, once a week posting where you’ll meet some of the nicest people on the planet.

Celebrate The Small ThingsThis week, I’m celebrating being still. Been up and down all week; Boston, Dalton, Miami, Hartford, Miami.  I’m tired.  I’ve decided not to move at all this weekend, to sit down and be still. That’s it.

Hope your celebration is more exciting than mine.  Now tell me, just what are you celebrating this week?

Oh, one more thing.  Don’t forget to join Lexa’s Favorite Vacation Spot blog hop starting tomorrow.  Just hop on over to her site to sign up. It’ll be fun.


  1. Whew, Marilyn…you sure do a lot of traveling! Sometimes it’s hard to find the small things in one’s life to celebrate, but that being said think about what you get to do that many people (not me, of course) would like to do that you do and that’s travel. Sure, it’s gotta ya going crazy and you’d like to scream, “Stop the world, I wanna get off” from time to time, but savor the moments. When you’re 93 years old with great grandkids around your feet then you can tell them about your full life seeing different cities and experiencing life. My life is very simple (I’m sure to most that means boring) and I won’t have grand stories to share with (hopefully) my grandkids.

    My favorite vacation spot post is set to go live at noon. Normally, I stay away from the net on the weekend, but DH had to work today so I decided to catch up with blog friends. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I’ll be looking forward to reading about your favorite vacation destination!

    ~Curious as a Cathy

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