Celebrate The Small Things

Snow’s still on the ground, so I’m waiting on Spring.  Guess that’s my lot in life.

This is the Celebrate The Small Things blog hop.  We celebrate, then we share. Click on the celebrate icon and join at Lexa Cain’s site. Lexa is our inimitable host.

Celebrate The Small Things

I’m celebrating 2 things this week:

1. Looking forward to a restful weekend.  I’ve finally decided to catch on some much-needed sleep.  No late, late night movies. Lights out by 10.

2. Lost my mind and let a niece convince me of getting my nails done exactly as she has hers.  I’m much to embarrassed to show you my pink and dark berry nails with tiny black dots on the tips!

3.  Click on my IMDb link and have a look at the premise for “Thrift Shop Mama.” When this one comes together, it’s going to be fun.

What are you celebrating?


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