Celebrate The Small Things

Two weeks ago, I was happy, happy that Spring had sprung. Well, just look at the view as I sip my morning coffee.


So much for Spring!

Anyway, this is the Celebrate The Small Things blog hop.  We all celebrate something and share as we want. Click on the celebrate icon and join at Lexa Cain’s site. Lexa is our amiable host.

Celebrate The Small Things

I’m celebrating 4 things this week:

1. I recovered the blog.  It suddenly disappeared last week – – – the whole thing!  I’d type in the address, and the nav bar just sat there taunting me. Still have yet to determine what happened.  I had everything backed up, but couldn’t retrieve my theme or format.  Hence, a new look that I’m still tweaking.

2.  A new haircut.  I was starting to look like the shaggy dog.

3.  A stabilized IMDb rank.  Not that good, but not in free fall.

4.  Reaching the halfway point in my script, Absolution. Can’t wait for you to see the priest ride that damn dinosaur!

What are you celebrating this week?



  1. Hi Marilyn. Sorry you’ve had some blog woes! I did have to poke around at your Google Plus page to find it, but now that I’m here, I like the new look! (When I click on your name at my blog, it goes straight to GooglePlus; do you have trouble reaching mine? I find this whole navigation thing frustrating. WordPress and Blogger tend to fight each other; let me know if you do)

    A typical spring when snow shows up like that, but thankfully it’s short lived! Congrats on the writing end and that new haircut 🙂
    Sharon Marie Himsl recently posted…C is for Chocolate Chip Cookies: Inventions by Women A-ZMy Profile

  2. Lexa Cain

    Sorry about the snow. That’ll make the spring flowers even prettier (we hope). I’ve had trouble getting on some blogs this week, too. It’s like they’re just not there. (Not yours though – had no trouble here.) Yay for the haircut, the stable ranking, and “Absolution” getting to the halfway point! (I’ve reached the halfway point on my Bloodwalker novel too. Yay us!!) I dropped by your Arts and Entertainment page – great stuff! I particularly liked the info about the Avengers/Ultron, and the Evil Dead.
    Lexa Cain recently posted…Celebrate: Zombie Party & FreebiesMy Profile

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