Celebrate The Small Things

Really happy to Celebrate The Small Things.  This is such a nice, no muss, no fuss blog hop.  Hosted now by the talented Lexa Cain, the blog hoppers are a good bunch of folks.  Join us by clicking on the celebrate icon. It’ll take you right to Lexa’s sight, where you’ll meet some interesting bloggers and writers, each with a unique perspective on their work and the world.

Celebrate The Small Things

I’m celebrating being fully engaged (finally) this week. Took me a while after the holidays to get back in the flow, but I am.  Especially looking forward to a screenwriting course starting next week with the incomparable Larry Brody of TV fame.  Wish me luck.

I’m also celebrating not getting sick yet with the flu.  It’s wreaking havoc in my neck of the woods.  Believe me, fingers crossed that the nasty bug leaves me alone.

What are you celebrating this week?


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