Celebrate The Small Things

I love the Friday Celebrate The Small Things festivities.  I visit other blogs to see what writers and bloggers are celebrating. They stop by and take a look at what I’m up to. It’s Vikit’s blog hop where we share a moment of support for our fellow authors.  You can join by clicking the celebrate icon.

Celebrate The Small Things

I’m sorry I missed many of the celebrations last week.  Travel really took its toll.  But I’m back, so here goes.

I’m celebrating:

  • Becoming better at time management.  Instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I’m learning (slowly) to prioritize what needs to be done. And yes, I’m sorting out the “wants” from the “needs.” Like my kindergarten kids of yesteryear, I wanted it all, now.  But no more.
  • I’m embracing new technology and innovation, previously the bane of my existence. I think I’ve conquered the movie trailer thing.  Still need to work on adding the voice-overs.  But now,  I’m on to animation which just might do me in. I didn’t grow up with this stuff, so where did it come from all of a sudden?

What are you celebrating this week?


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