Celebrate The Small Things

Today’s the day to celebrate.  Thanks to VikLit’s blog hop, every Friday we post something we’re celebrating.

I’m getting in the mood for Halloween (I do so luv it) so, I’m celebrating vampires.  Am I crazy or what?  Maybe, just a little.

I’ve always had an affinity for vampires. I’ve advised you how to train them here. Don’t forget my vampire quiz (it finally loaded).

I haven’t given you a vampire novel or web series yet, but I know a guy who has both. Today, I’m celebrating all things Joe Wilson and his Vampire Mob.

Not giving away his story or how it came to be, just click the links to learn about Joe and his work.  You’ll simply be amazed at what he does.



  1. I love your videos page – rich! I don’t dare decorate for Halloween because I’ll light into the candy corn, and then I’m in trouble.

    …though, if you’re a vampire lover, no doubt you know the trick to candy corn fangs? You take two kernels and stick them, fat side up, between your lip and your gums, just in front of your canine teeth. You approach your victim, grin wickedly, and say in your best Bela Lugosi imitation, ‘Good EEEEEvening!’

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