Celebrate The Small Things

How I love Fridays. Thanks to VikLit, (where you can join the celebration by clicking the icon), we’re celebrating the small things that happen to us each week.

That’s a good thing.  It helps to bring into perspective all those people and events we’ve experienced as we wind down a sometimes hectic or manic or fruitful or quiet end of the week.

Celebrate The Small Things


This week I’m celebrating some absolutely amazing twitter followers. What an interesting and diverse cross-section of people I’ve come to know. 


So, I’m celebrating with a shout out to:

  • Aaron Chrenen – @Chenren – Storyteller par excellence. Find him and more about his wacky good fun Ginger Orphan Playhouse here.
  • Scosha.Online – @scoshaonline – Talented Scottish pop / rocker just doin’ what she loves to do here
  • Christopher Hannan – @ChrisHannan – Workin’ his unique brand of comedy. I’m still trying to wrap my ahead around this one.  Go Christopher!
  • I celebrate, quite happily I might add, the actor, S. Scott Berger.  He will most certainly peak your interest with his soft, southern drawl narration and flawless production of my short story, The Nurse.  It came out just today at Audible.

All in all, a very good, different kind of week for me. That’s what I’m celebrating.


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