Celebrate The Small Things

I love the Friday recaps of small things we can celebrate from our hectic work week.

I think I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, working on the same things, spinning Celebrate The Small Thingsmy wheels, going nowhere fast.  As the song goes, come to far from where I started from, so I can’t just stop now. 

This week, I completed the video trailer for my next audio short story, The Nurse. Not happy with this one. See it here, and, if you please, leave me a comment or suggestion about how I could make it better. The nurse returned from war a damaged man.  As with all of my shorts, it ends with a twist.

The flaw in the nurse’s human condition is giving up.  We don’t do that, now do we?

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  1. I know virtually nothing about these video trailers but I felt like I wanted more info. It just kept flashing between picture without telling me anything and I found myself wondering where it was going. Maybe a little more about the plot? Or some of the other characters? I don’t know if that helps at all. I liked the effects of the pictures in drops and the music was super creepy.

    Congrats on that release and Happy Friday!
    Beverly (@Bevimus) recently posted…Celebrate the Small Things- September 26thMy Profile

  2. It’s funny, but I immediately thought “woman,” too, when you said Nurse. I liked the splotched images and the way they swirl onto the screen, giving a sense of vertigo. My only suggestion might be to change the color scheme. The blues seem too cool and solid to me. I think red tones or something darker would give more of an impression of blood, upheaval, war, death, emotional turmoil, etc. Just my thoughts. 🙂
    Lori L MacLaughlin recently posted…Celebrate the Small Things!My Profile

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