Becoming A Writer – Part 3

In college, I continued to try my hand at writing My writing experiences, however, ranged from the mundane to the absolute tortuous.

The basic expository writing classes were core requirements.  The advanced composition classes were required to meet certain professional prerequisites (e.g., education majors). My business writing class involved so much research that I spent days and nights trying to decipher Wall Street terminology.

Becoming A WriterNo, the college writing experience was not a good one for me; but as before, I knew it was a question of standing firm in what I wanted to do eventually with my life, that is, to write.

I know how to tell a story. I know how to get a point across to a specific audience.  These are my strengths as a writer.

Yet, something prevents me from being able to apply the proper rules of syntax and grammar.  These are my weaknesses.  The logic of these rules seems completely beyond me.

A period goes here, yes, but a comma goes there, except when that word introduces an independent clause. Then, of course, on can no longer use the prevailing rule and the opposite rule must be applied.  How exasperating!


End of Part 3

Part 2 is here


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