Becoming A Writer – Part 2

The first piece I remember writing was a poem.  I was in the second grade at St. Leo Grade School where the entire class was entered into the annual poetry contest. 

My poem was about the miserably cold Belleville winters. The poem itself was quite miserable, as I had just discovered alliteration:  The snow blew and blustered and Becoming A Writerblasted while the wind howled and hacked and hammered.

Needless to say, although my entry was not of prize-winning caliber, I was not deterred.  I entered the Mary, Queen of the May essay competition. 

When Mary was crowned that first Sunday in May, I received a mild rebuke for having confused the Virgin Mary with that other Mary (Magdalene):  Father Morel handed my essay to my mother in a sealed envelope and suggested that I spend a little more time studying catechism and less time writing fiction.

I was not discouraged.


End of Part 2

Part 1 is here

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