The Ballerina Turns One Today

My first short story, The Ballerina, is a year old.  I self-published the story through Amazon KDP 1 year ago last week.

Between formatting and perfecting the cover artwork, it was almost the death of me. Quite a process but I made it. 

Hats off to those of you self-publishing a novel.

Enjoy an excerpt from the story.  I’ll post an excerpt from the Audible version later.

The Ballerina-A Short Story

“She closed her eyes and danced as the train passed through Framingham and Worcester. She danced still as the train picked up speed for a final run from Springfield to Pittsfield.

A gentle touch on the shoulder alerted her that she was, indeed, in Pittsfield.  She was home.

As she greeted her husband of 7 years at the station, she felt nothing. He, the painter, had wanted this all along. He had needed a wife and a mother for their two children.

The twins had been a handful for him. Her career had meant nothing to him. Yet, this homecoming was what they had agreed upon, and she never failed to keep a promise.”


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