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Had an absolutely wonderful experience working with the ACX peopleThis is an Amazon platform for producing audiobooks.  ACX connects writers with actors and voice artists to bring the writer’s work to life.

For the neophytes among us, completely unfamiliar with voice-overs and artists who narrate and produce books, commercials, and advertisement, ACX takes the mystery out of the process.

The Audiobook The ActorThe spoken work is then made available on Audible and iTunes. The voice artist, Ron Herczig, kindly narrated my eBook, THE ACTOR.  When I listened to Ron’s read, I didn’t believe that it was the same story that I had written.

Ron brought such presence and passion to my words, that those words seemed to take on a life of their own. He made my short come alive.

As a voice artist, actor, and writer himself, Ron has worked for some pretty big clients, from Ken Burns to DirecTv.  Read about Ron here.

Then, he agreed to work with me.  Am I a lucky girl or what?

Thank you, Ron.




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