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One of my Twitter followers posted a link to a video over a year ago.  That video, American Soldier, by the country / rock band Life Is Hard, almost made me cry.  It’s a poignant tribute to our military. We’ve all known someone who’s served in the armed forces, gone off to war, and some of who have never come home.

I can’t imagine having to go through what most of the military families have had to endure; missed births and birthdays, holidays, first steps, first words, and first days of school.  The sum of that missing would hit me with a grief so profound it would surely knock me to my knees.

This moving video is a lovely, lovely way to honor our military. The song is available on iTunes. The video is below.  Have a look.

American Soldier

On Twitter, find Life Is Hard here. More about the Houston, Texas indie duo is on their site. Of course, you could always just hop on over to the iTunes store to listen to the extent of their artistry.


  1. Oh…this is SO beautiful and SO sad! I love music, Marilyn!! I dedicate two posts (sometimes 3) each week to music/artists and occasionally I’ll add a music vid that fits what I’m writing about on any given day. I will definitely hop over to iTunes to listen to more by this new-to-me group. Thank you for sharing them with me!

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