Some Amazing Twitter Numbers

If you still think of Twitter as the step-child of social media, think again. Take a look at some of these numbers: 


From Expanded Ramblings:

  • 20 Million – Fake twitter users
  • 18 Quintillion – Number of accounts the service can handle
  • ˜ 1 Billion – Number of registered twitter users
  • 80% – Of world leaders using the platform

 From Statistic Brain:

  • 135,000 – People signing up every day to use twitter
  • 9100 – Number of tweets per second

From Mashable:

  • 1 Billion – Tweets sent every 48 hours
  • 215 Million – Monthly active users
  • 34% – Of all marketers now using twitter to generate leads

And just in case you’re still wondering, the Library of Congress has archived every tweet posted since twitter’s inception, even the tweet you thought you’d deleted.  In other words, there is no expectation of privacy as you gave that expectation away when signing up for the service.


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