A Simple Act of Kindness

Has anyone ever done something to you or for you that simply takes your breath away? No, I don’t mean that way. I mean an act so completely considerate and unexpected that you end up thinking what did I do to deserve this. I’m unusually prone to Disaster. Well, it happened to me a few days ago.  We were going to dinner at a real fancy, swanky restaurant. We had reserved this place a month in advance.  Upon arrival, we were asked to wait a few minutes for the table. No problem. The few minutes, however, turned into 15, then 30.  At that point, I was wondering if we should just head on over to McDonald’s. I was starving. The maitre d’ approached, apologizing profusely for the inconvenience, and then escorted us to the most enchanted garden setting I could have ever imagined. It took my breath away. To top it off, it was completely private, not another table in the garden. dining The food was simply amazing.  The wine flowed freely. The company was extraordinary. Desert led to a final toast with Sambuca. A perfect end to a perfect evening. We sat and talked while waiting for the check.  It never arrived. We asked the waiter for the check. When he replied that there was no check, we looked at each other and thought how is that possible.   Kevin Dooley Neither of us had paid. He asked if he could bring us something else. Refusing politely, we went back thru the dining room to exit. An older, quite distinguished gentlemen approached at the door, asking if we had enjoyed our dinner. Of course we had. I shutter to think of the cost. He smiled and said simply for us to have a good evening. Neither of us knows who paid that whopping dinner check.  Maybe the older gentleman.  Maybe the restaurant wrote it off because of the delay in seating us. With my karma, things like this don’t happen often. Well, in fact, they never do. But this happened. A simple yet huge act of kindness from some stranger that we will never know. Maybe we deserved this after all. Unexpected?  Yes.  Considerate?  Over the top. From a stranger. I’ve always thought of myself as a kind soul, giving by nature, and always ready to lend a hand. But now, I have a lot to pay going forward.


  1. I can’t say that anyone has ever done anything for me that is so unexpected and considerate that it takes my breath away. But gosh! Your dining experience sounds positively lovely! And I definitely think it was the older gentleman who paid your bill. 😉

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