A Self-Publishing Resource Update

My first post on eBook Self-Publishing Resources in May was devoted primarily to the mechanics of self-publishing an ebook. This short post is more of a look at how to distribute and get paid for your hard work.

I came across 5 sites that are of particular interest to me which I thought could help you, too. I’ve written a 3 or 4 sentence blurb about the sites, which are loaded with information, much more than I could go into here.

I hope you find them useful.


  • A wealth of information on all things related to the self-publishing process is at  http://www.lulu.com. Lulu offers a free distribution channel to the Apple iBookstore.  Another reason to visit is that with Lulu, you get to keep 90% of the profit from your ebook.
  • If you want to go straight to where the money lies in the self-publishing process, try http://www.pbs.org. Here it tells you how to sell and distribute your ebooks with examples of profit percentages from various sales channels.
  • Pressbooks helps you create ebooks, PDFs, and web books with an easy 4 step process. It exports to PDF (print on demand), MOBI for Kindle, and EPUB for Apple. Pressbooks is a full featured service, even offering templates if you need them.
  • With gumroad.com, sell your ebooks, print books, video, and music (and anything else you want to sell, really) directly from your website. It’s an online store that allows you to keep 95% of the profit.
  •  I think the definitive site on self-publishing is found at the Self-Pub Boot Camp.  From start to finish, Carla King must be the authority on self-publishing. The site covers every aspect of the process from design to distribution to marketing and promotion. There is a ton of information here, and I bet that you’ll find the answers to any of your self-publishing questions.

Take a look at each site. Each one looks at the self-publishing process from a different perspective.

Leave a reply if any of the sites helps you. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. More sound advice from my blogosphere bff. Just giving you a heads up that because you have always stood by me, since the beginning of my blogging and tweeting days, I’m nominating you for yet another award; please come by and pick up your Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award when you have a minute. http://wp.me/p38Uaw-cS . Luv you! Lily

    • You’re going to make my head bigger than big. Nah, not really. This is what friends are for. I’m in it with you all the way girl, cause it’s a road we’re going down together. Don’t ever forget that I’m real new to this stuff, too. Thanks much, again.

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