Celebrate The Small Things

It’s Friday. We’re Celebrating The Small Things. This is a blog hop where we share what we’re celebrating with our fellow authors and bloggers.

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Celebrate The Small ThingsBeen a rough 2 weeks for me. I’m celebrating the fact that I got thru it all. There was drama. There was sorrow.

The drama revolves around my fight for writing credit on a project I’m involved in. If you’re not WGA, no credit.  Without some paid (according to WGA rules) writing, no WGA status. Talk about a catch 22.

The sorrow involved the sudden loss of a dear, sweet, larger than life man, Brien Holden of Sydney, Australia. Click on the link to find out a little about the work of this kind, generous soul.

Summer is winding down and I’m looking forward to the Fall and a new season of celebrations. What are you celebrating this week?


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