3 Twitter Tips and How They Changed the Blog

When I first started the blog, I was sure of only two things:  the blog’s name and what I wanted to say. But to this day, I’m still rearranging the format, trying to make it more pleasing on the eye and easier to read. At first, I was even using my twitter avatar as the header picture.  Well, after reading about  all the things one should not do on a blog, I decided to change things up a bit. Here is what I’ve done thus far:

  • I’m using my new twitter profile picture as the header picture on both blog pages and posts. Since I’m brand new at all of this, I’m hoping it provides some continuity for a while, at least for me, and I’m no longer portraying myself as the Paris Opera.


Profile Pics

Old                       New


  • My twitter profile summary contains everything about me that I could possibly squeeze into 160 characters, giving you an idea of who I am. Of course, if I had been a famous actress, I would have let the face speak for itself. There are two schools of thought on mentioning your blog or web site on one’s profile page. Some think that its advertisement pure and simple, so it should not be mentioned. Computerhope  and Social Media Examiner give it a green light. I did include a reference to the blog site in my twitter profile and I don’t think it’s too blatant a sale at all. Especially if one is new at social networking, it’s a good point of reference to let people know that you can find me here.
  • I’ve learned the value of the Retweet. I’ve discovered that retweeting items of interest and value to potential readers is one of the most powerful and enjoyable aspects of twitter.  I’ve noted that what I find valuable, a lot of other newbie tweeps find valuable also. For me, the retweet is validation that, indeed, I did have something of interest to say. I’m happy when someone responds that what I’ve written is a good point or has helped in some small way.  I find no shortage of generosity from my followers on twitter.

The small changes I’ve made thus far in my twitter account have helped extend the reach of my blog. It’s new still (see my blog birthday post at  http://bit.ly/17A1jLv) and has a long way to go. Slowly and surely, we’re getting to where we want to be. That’s a subject for another post.

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