Where Did 2013 Go?

Where did 2013 go?

It just flew past me.  Too busy trying to blog, finish up a few shorts, re-working TV scripts, stuck in eBook self-pub land, just returned from another week abroad, received first producer credits, and now in full holiday mode.

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But guess what?  We do all the things we do because we love every single moment of it. After all, please do consider the contrary.

What if I had not started a blog?

What if I couldn’t write another short or TV script ever?

What if I didn’t go through the self-pub process?

What if I didn’t travel so much?

Would the world come to an end?  Of course not.

I can only say that my life is the richer for the experiences of this past year. None of it has been easy.  But as corny as it sounds, it’s the journey that counts.

All of you know this anyway.

We give it our all.  Hope for the best.  Do our damnedest to see it through.

So don’t ever stop.  Live and love and share and continue to give of yourself.  And when all else fails, remember what I wrote to you before.

Just breathe!

Have a good end to 2013.

Let’s get ready for the bang up, spectacular year that we’re going to have in 2014.

We’re gonna make it the best year yet!




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